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This is Sox2 Dutch

This is Sox2 Dutch is a 40-page book about the peculiarities of Dutch culture that Soyeon found interesting during her 4-year stay in the Netherlands. After experiencing culture shock, she learned about the diverse Dutch culture from Brabant to Friesland. Now, she wants to help her international friends who do not understand Dutch culture and people.

Interactive experience

The exposition engages with the audience by offering a unique interactive experience. Visitors can try on Dutch wooden shoes called "klompen" in the middle of the exposition space, alongside five other wood sculptures, such as Jacuzzi boats, a dog toilet, the Dutch police on horseback, and beer boxes."

During their journey, visitors are immersed in Dutch culture and customs, engaging with the exhibits in a hands-on way that encourages them to connect with the culture on a deeper level. By offering an interactive experience, This is Sox2 Dutch creates a memorable and engaging experience for visitors, helping them gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Dutch culture.

Rotterdam illustrator
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